The Elgin blowout “had the potential for a major fire and explosion resulting in serious injury or loss of life” . Susan Mackenzie (then head of HSE’s Offshore Division) writing  on behalf of Judith Hackitt (Chair of HSE)

If you’ve found this page, the likelihood is you’re either an offshore oil worker or you’ve got a family member or friend who is.  That at least is what I’m hoping.  You’ll have some idea of what a blowout is.  Maybe you work in drilling in which case you could well know quite a lot about blowouts.  You might even know about the Elgin blowout in March 2012. Maybe you were even evacuated from the Elgin platform or the Rowan Viking along with the other 237 workers.  Or maybe evacuated from Shearwater or the Noble Hans Duel jackup, both four miles away from Elgin.

If you fall into one of the categories above, then this website is addressed to you.  If you, or one of your family members works offshore you’ll be hoping that you/they never get caught up in a blowout, and that the lessons of the Elgin blowout have been learnt and widely shared, and the mistakes that were made which resulted in Total losing control of their G4 well, and endangering all the workers on the complex, will not be repeated on your, or your family member’s, installation.

I’m not sure your hopes are justified.

I’ve started posting on the  Blog on this site, the information that I’ve gathered  during the 5 years that have gone by since Total allowed their G4 well to blow out.

I’ve also started by posting on one of the “pages” on here, the Health & Safety Executive’s report of their investigation into the blowout.  HSE Report on Elgin Blowout – redacted  It took 4 years for the HSE to complete their investigation and write their report.  By that time the Elgin had been back up and running for three years.  The HSE report is redacted – censored!  In part by the HSE. In part  by the very management and workers who took part in the operation which failed to kill the well, and avoid the blowout, and who were called on to testify in the HSE’s investigation.  With the exception of one man they self censored. They allowed their evidence to the enquiry to be redacted in the version of the report released under “freedom of information”.

HSE do not intend to publish their report into the Elgin blowout.  Because they wouldn’t get away with a “redacted” version?  Who knows why!  So it’s on here for anyone who’s interested.

If you’re an oil worker or a family member you’re invited to “comment” on anything on this site.  If you, or a family member, were involved in the blowout you’re doubly welcome to have your say, voice an opinion, or just describe what you experienced.

The normal rules of civilised discussion will be followed on the site, so if you inadvertently cross a line, and I have the means of contacting you, you’ll get the chance to amend a comment so that it’s suitable to be read by other workers and their families.